Welcome to the website for AFAD (American Fencing Academy of Dayton). Here you can find information about classes, tournaments, open fencing, and anything else you need to know to fence in the Dayton area.

About the American Fencing Academy of Dayton

The American Fencing Academy of Dayton (AFAD Inc.) is a US Fencing member organization dedicated to promoting the sport of fencing in the Dayton area.  We are the only electric scoring Open Fencing club in the Dayton Area.

We are dedicated to providing an affordable introduction to fencing, We provide Classes, and Open Fencing and support beginning fencers through National Competitors.

Our main location is Kettering Recreation Complex (KRC) 2900 Glengarry Dr, Kettering OH 45420.

We provide Electric scoring equipment Open Fencing Sunday 2-4, Tuesday 7-9, and Thursday 7:15 - 9 at the KRC.

For more information check our websites CLASSES page, or contact the KRC directly or email us.

Before you fence with us you will need to obtain an AFAD Fencer Card (showing you are a USFA member and have filled out our waiver form).  See our ‘FORMS’ page for more information.  This can be done at our location on your first fencing experience with us.