Required AFAD Fencer Card

Before you fence with AFAD for the first time in a fencing year (Fencing year starts August 1st), you need to have an ‘AFAD Fencer Card’.  Cards are free and available at any of our activities.  To receive a card you must show proof of USFA membership or fill out a form to join USFA (see USFA Membership), and fill out our ‘AFAD Waiver and Medical Release Form’ below. For minor fencers the forms must be signed by a Parent or Legal Guardian. Depending on the Fencing event you may be required to sign additional forms.  Once you have an AFAD Fencer card bring it to all AFAD activities as proof that you have filled out the necessary forms.

USFA Membership Form

USFA (US Fencing Associate) Membership is required for all students and fencers at AFAD.  A non-competitive option is available for beginners who don’t have plans on competing yet. When filling out the form specify ‘AFAD’ as your club, and ‘SWOH’ (South West Ohio) as your Division.

See the USFA Membership page for more information.

AFAD Waiver and Medical Release Form

This form must be filled out before fencing with us.  Download it here Waiver Medical Release Form.pdf, fill it out and bring to your next AFAD fencing activity.

AFAD Supporting Member Form

AFAD Supporting Member 2012-13.pdf

This form has not been updated for the 2013-14 calendar year.  Supporting memberships, designed for parents/guardians of fencers and friends of the club, give voting privileges in AFAD elections and cost $10 per calendar year of August 1 to July 31. Completed forms and payment can be turned in to any AFAD instructor, or mailed to the club secretary at 4770 Appaloosa Trail, Fairborn, OH 45324.


AFAD Apparel Catalog 2012-2013.pdf

AFAD Apparel Order Form 2012-2013.pdf

Please see the catalog for options of apparel for sale with AFAD logo on them.  We currently don’t have a plan to order apparel, but can if we get enough requests.